Conferences, Weddings, and other Events at Tagaytay Country Hotel

The Conferences, Weddings, and other Events areas include the following:

Convention Center
(capacity for up to 800 persons)
(capacity of up to 300 persons)
El Caviteño Ballroom
(capacity of up to 350 persons) (combination of Kawit, Imus & Rosario)
(capacity up to 50 pax)
(capacity up to 30 pax)
(capacity up to 200 pax)

*Please click on the links above  for a detailed breakdown of function room capacity for each meeting set up requirements.

Our experienced team will work with you to design room set-up and seating arrangements, and tailor to your personal requirements. Offering a combination of well-equipped presentation facilities and premium break-out and dining opportunities, Tagatay Country Hotel is the perfect place for your conference, wedding, and other events.

Tagatay Country Hotel’s team of experienced event managers will give you all the assistance you need to ensure your event is a success.